20 August 2010

Cycle firm plans global growth

Visitors to Rapha Cycle Club could watch the Tour de
 France in its café (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

By Sean Lightbown 
A cycle-clothing and accessories company is planning global expansion after running a successful pop-up store. 

Rapha set up the Rapha Cycle Club, which showed coverage of the Tour de France, in London from May 8 to July 31. 

There are now plans to create stores in Tokyo, San Francisco and Berlin.

Rapha currently has one other pop-up store in New York.

Stuart Clapp, manager of Rapha Cycle Club, said that the store had achieved its goals as a branding exercise.

“Financial success wasn’t the priority. It served its purpose as a means of selling and extending the brand. It also proved a good place to launch new ranges,” 

he said. “The plan now is to go global.”

Rapha launched its first products in July 2004.


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