20 August 2010

New ice rinks set for a seasonal boom

Temporary skating rinks prove a big draw

By Natasha Devan

Pop-up ice rinks are set to boom again this winter, with several being installed across the UK. 

The Natural History Museum plans to open its 2010 ice rink on November 5, running until January 9.

Eleanor Bradstreet, head of media relations at the museum, said: “Skating in the winter has become a popular pastime for Londoners and overseas visitors. The rink is in its sixth year and is still popular.”

Winter activities specialist Creative Leisure will supply a rink for the Isla Gladstone Conservatory in Liverpool from December 4 to 19.

Bruce Bennet, managing director, said: “Our other features such as the snow-tubing slope are going into Kielder Forest, Winchester Cathedral, and possibly Dublin.” 


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